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Safety: Please keep all your doors locked to be safe.
If you notice anything suspicious please call 911.
Fires: Please contact Citrus County for regulations on fires and burning.
Septic to Sewer Project: To obtain the most current and accurate information regarding this project, please contact Mr. Ken Cheek, Director, Department of Water Resources, Citrus County Board of County Commissioners by phone at 352-527-7647 or via email at: Ken.Cheek@citrusbocc.com
The Association and Board are not responsible for any inaccurate or misleading information posted to the community's webpage and all residents are urged to use the contact information above.    Suzanne Novita, President
Scheduled Board Meetings for 2023:  (Sept 19) (Oct 17 Budget Meeting) (Nov 21 ) (No meeting in Dec)
Scheduled Board Meetings for 2024:  All Meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month @ 2:15pm except in March.

The Annual Meeting will be held (March 24 2024 @ 5pm)
We have an opening on the board if you are interested in running please contact the property manager in December 2023.
Notice to Homeowners: If you do not already know the path of the lateral sewer line to the County’s sewer tap connection on your property – please contact Michael Chauncey at Pigeon Ardurra Engineering, telephone 352-861-7799. 

Mr. Chauncey can let you know the exact location on your lot. With that information, you can tell Mr. Chauncey if the path is clear (ie. no trees, not under the driveway, etc.). If you have issues, Mr. Chauncey can make corrections on the plans.

The deadline to report any concerns or issues will be in the month of August, when the engineers are expecting the design plans to be complete.
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Update Jun 26, 2023 Current status of the Septic to Sewer project:
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